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Steven Mango grew up in the greater Boston area. He moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue his acting career and went on to train in film acting at the New York Film Academy. Steven has appeared on television and in documentaries, including a supporting role in the BBC’s 2017 exposé film My Scientology Movie, directed by John Dower. Currently, Steven is a full-time YouTube content creator with three YouTube channels. Collectively, his channels have several million views, and to interact with his loyal following of subscribers, he also hosts weekly live streams. In 2018, he established lilybeau Productions, Inc., a production company producing new media content. Steven is a member of SAG-AFTRA and continues to regularly work as an on screen actor.


New England/Boston.


Improvisation, Stand-Up Comedy, Teleprompter, Singing (Baritone), Piano, Voiceover, Print Modeling, Public Speaking, Kempo Karate (Green Belt), Bowling, Running, Bicycling, Rollerblading, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball.

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