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JEFFREY LOSEFF MANAGEMENT has been serving talent for  well  over a quarter of a century and has no desire to stop doing the same well into the future.  Clients have been cast as Co Stars, Guest Stars and Series Regulars on Television, Leading and Supporting roles in Motion Pictures and virtually everything between.   Jeffrey Loseff,  a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in Film and Television has been putting this knowledge to good use for all his clients.  Having toured with "The Greatest Show on Earth" for seven years as a Performer and Performance Director, Jeffrey came back to LA to  work with Barry & Enright Productions as a writer and producer for daytime, talk and comedy shows.

In 1985, while working on a comedy show he acquired his first client,  a former Circus Clown and  stand up comic looking to make the transition into film and television.  It was developing this comic and watching his career grow that planted the seed that began the growth of Jeffrey Loseff Management that continues to this day.

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