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MELISSA TRACY non smiling in red sweater


Melissa Tracy is a Commited, High Energy, Creative, Intense, Performer who actually kicks butt from Comedic and Complex characters, to Creatures to Crime lords. She is has strong background in creating and performing, Sketch Comedy, Threatre, Stand up Comedy, improv and dance. Melissa also has a soild background in 6 marital arts including weapons and fire arms. But that's not all, Melissa also works as a Professional Stunt person. So A real life Robin Williams meets, Jessica Jones meets JaJeffery.


Professional Stunts, Professional film fighting,  Professional Weapons (including swords - Eastern & Western, sticks, firearms, knives,sais, anything can be used as a weapon), Empty Hands, Marital Arts, Western Boxing, Kali, Ninjitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Muy Tai, Kick Boxing, Hand guns, Wire Work, tumbling, falls, Dance (Since 5 Belly, Ballroom, Salsa, Hip-Hop, country, Jazz,etc), Equestrian basic  (English, Western, Bareback), Sports, Water Sports, Marathon Running, Yoga, figuer Skating, Snow Skiing blues, Golf, Bartending, Expert in Medical Terminology,  home improvement. Soccer basic, Filmmaker

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