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Kathryn attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, worked as a character actress specializing in commercials as a hand model and playing  odd, annoying and squatty bitch types you may have met along the way but is a nice person in real life.  For five extremely long years, she gave up performing and owned a talent agency, KM& Associates.  Kathryn got over 100 clients new representation and went back into acting classes with Mala Powers at the Chekhov Studios, followed by moving to Austin and graduating from The Institution theater, school of Improv.  Her home base is in Austin where she currently serves SAG/AFTRA as a board member but spends most of her time in her home town of Shreveport, LA.  Kathryn Moore is a dog person who has an unbelievable amount of miles on Southwest Airlines.


With or without southern drawl and British


Billiards, Set Wrangler, Precision Driver, Hand Model

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