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Bob Lloyd has been performing professionally for over 40 years, a magical course of life. Learning magic as a child, Bob began performing at birthday parties. As his skills grew, pantomime and juggling became important parts of his act. In 1981 Bob was accepted into the renowned Ringling brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown College.  Bob was among the select few graduates invited to join the circus. For the next two years he toured the United States with the legendary “Greatest show on Earth”. An avid student of the Martial arts with 35 years of experience, Bob is a 5th degree Black Belt. Today, all the skills acquired in a lifetime of learning are focused on acting. With various commercial work and roles in film, Motherless Brooklyn, Isn’t it Romantic, The week of and The Wolves we feed. Television rolls include, Pandora’s Box, Primal Instinct, Dead North, The Good Fight and Recurring rolls on Mysteries at the museum.

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